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(06:00:45) daveroskilde:

hy molly, thanks to azda my pictures are one the page

(10:29:18) Azda:


(19:08:40) android porn (guest):

android porn

(13:23:41) Azda:


(13:24:03) Azda:

Molly, how are you?

(13:24:03) Molly:

I'm fine, thanks. Mooooh!

(13:24:22) Azda:

not melting in this exceptional heat...?

(20:50:36) Azda:

anyone in Cremona tonight? Smiley-sunglasses

(21:23:05) Azda:

check out - new song played in Cremona, "Smack": https://youtu.be/22HoIGHrX-I

(21:53:03) Azda:

the song is called The Real Me

(12:35:33) Azda:

Grøn - finally!! Smiley-midget-laugh

(12:57:40) Azda:

new tattoo in the gallery, #147: http://dad.dk/archive/d-d-related-tattoos

(20:27:41) Azda:

thanks Head, put it in the Fan Creations gallery: http://dad.dk/archive/fan-creations Smiley-midget

(21:43:27) Headcrusher:

it's the same girl who did Fan Creation #384 & Fan Creation #372

(22:16:51) Vic (guest):

Good evening

(22:16:51) Molly:

Good evening, mooooh!

(22:17:20) Vic (guest):


(22:36:58) Headcrusher:


(22:36:58) Molly: