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(15:04:45) franklyadmin:

Hello molly

(15:04:45) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(17:01:39) Azda:

hey Molly, still alive - or should I say Hay Molly...?

(17:01:39) Molly:

Oh, thank you! I've been starving for months - moooh!

(17:02:06) Azda:

that's what I thought - enjoy your meal! Smiley-tongue

(16:58:59) A (guest):

Holy moly!

(16:58:59) Molly:

Moly!?! That's an insult! Moooooh!!

(16:59:28) A (guest):

No it isn't, it's a standard phrase, silly cow!

(16:59:28) Molly:


(16:59:28) Molly:

Cow - that's me! Mooooh!

(16:59:46) A (guest):

Indeedyyymoooh! Smiley-blush

(16:59:46) Molly:


(10:15:30) Azda:

sorry for spam in the forums and guestbook - we need more cleaners at The Molly Hotel!

(20:03:58) Azda:

posted twice!?

(16:17:02) Azda:

obviously not there now, the second one - strange... Anyway more cleaners needed! Smiley-laugh

(17:51:22) Azda:

recently announced: DAD @ Fyrværkeri Festival, Viborg, August 31 2019 - get tickets here: https://www.billetsalg.dk/Event/Fyrv%C3%A6rkerifestival%202019

(14:59:23) Azda:

Copenhagen May 25, 2019 - Engage Festival at Refshaleøen, tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.dk/artist/engage-billetter/979053?rtype=301_exp...

(12:01:54) Azda:

Rock Under Broen, Middelfart June 8 - tickets: https://www.billet.dk/rock-under-broen#tour

(12:01:54) Molly:

Burping is accepted but please no farting in this small chatroom - mooh!

(12:02:51) Azda:

Molly, you need to learn some more Danish - especially Danish place names...! Smiley-laugh